AMORC advocates peace, unity of Nigeria

AMORC advocates peace, unity of Nigeria
AMORC advocates peace, unity of Nigeria

AMORC advocates peace, unity of Nigeria

The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), also known as Rosicrucian Order, has charged all religious organisations and groups to preach peace to bring back oneness in the country.

Fr. Kenneth Idiodi, the President, National Board, Grand Administrator and Director, Supreme Grand Lodge made the charge during the 44th Eastern Regional Rotational Conclave of the Order in Port Harcourt.

The event had the theme: “Rosicrucian Declaration of Human Duties”.

Idiodi stated that religious leaders and all Nigerians should think right and act in ways to make the country to be in peace, love and unity.

“There was a time the country was good and peaceful when everyone was living in peace with others, irrespective of tribes and tongues until politics came with corruption to disintegrate the country.

“Religion has become politics and commercialised while the golden rule of love your neighbour as yourself has left the country.

“It is our attitude that begot our altitude and this brought us to where we are today as a country,” he said.

Similarly in his speech, Fr. Johnson Ikube, the Secretary/Treasurer, National Board of the AMORC, during the public presentation of the theme stated that the organisation preached evolution of peace in the world and not revolution.

He said that Nigeria needed time for growth and tolerance to be able to live in peace and unity.

“This may take time, but this is the best method; we have to respect good laws of the country and if they are not coming forth, we need to negotiate.

“We have a misplacement of priorities and a wrong sense of values; we need energy, power/electricity to be developed in this country.

“We vote on religious and tribal lines and not for those who are competent.

“We hire jobs through religious and tribal lines not on competence,” he said.

Ikube urged Nigerians to join the rule of human duties, which are duties to God and human being's obligations to others,obligations to themselves so as to enjoy the human rights and peace in the country.